The impact of Covid 19 took the majority of businesses and organizations by surprise. It was an aggressive reminder that you never know what can happen in the future and fast-paced circumstances like the Coronavirus has created, many organizations are analyzing their current technology to assess how they can best utilize what they have to serve the unique needs this virus has created.

There is certain technology we specialize in that easily applies to circumstances like these. For example, the ability for members of your organization to communicate via Unified Communication Check out our Work from Home Guide here, or their ability to access essential information on network drives via remote access. There are some other technologies we specialize in that also offer significant benefits during times like these, specifically in security.

Here are 10 ways an access control system can assist your business during a pandemic like we’re experiencing currently and may experience in the future.

  1. You can increase the read range on readers to avoid members of your organization having to physically touch the reader.
  2. You can utilize electric-assist doors to avoid members of your organization having to grip a door handle directly.
  3. You can implement new schedules to better accommodate a shut-down and the continuity of your essential personnel.
  4. You can implement new access levels in your system to assure compliance with your organization’s “work from home” rules.
  5. You can install video door phones to communicate with any visitors who might approach your organization’s building entry during a shut-down.
  6. You can implement access control rules that limit the number of people in a space at a time along with devices to monitor the occupancy to ensure overall compliance.
  7. You can deploy thermal cameras to detect elevated temperatures in people that might indicate they have a fever.
  8. You can deploy cameras and audio for remote management.
  9. You can monitor handwashing stations to ensure compliance.
  10. Lastly, even lighting can be integrated with your intrusion system to avoid contact with common surfaces.


We hope these 10 tips are a good resource for any organization that currently utilizes an access control and intrusion system. For those that do not but are interested, please complete the form below and we’ll have a specialist from our Security team contact you as soon as possible to discuss the unique needs of your organization. We hope you stay safe and feel free to share any of the tips we’ve shared here or anywhere else in our blog.

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