Covid-19 has introduced many changes in the workplace throughout 2020. For many organizations and their employees, the workday dynamics have changed but the need to remain productive and efficient has remained the same. It’s not just the experience of the employee that’s been adjusted, the customer experience has seen dramatic changes and the expectations of the average customer have adapted at a rapid pace.

This is a primary reason why if your organization hasn’t already considered implementing a call analytics platform, now may be the best time.

Here are 5 points to consider:

1. A better picture 

Now more than ever, you need to be in control. You need to have a clear and informed picture of all aspects and changes within your organization. What time are peak calls coming in? What’s the resounding message from your customer base? You can’t implement the most effective plan to take on the current circumstances if you don’t know every vital detail in real-time. A call analytics system can provide you with this. You’ll know when peak traffic hits so you can plan accordingly and adjust as needed. You’ll have a clear and updated picture that will enable you to navigate any complications with confidence and speed.


2. A better connection to your employees


As the dynamics and environment of the average workplace change, that can lead to some confusion and lack of focus among even the best employees. One way to counteract that is by providing employees with plenty of real-time insight, keeping them informed and focused. A call analytics platform allows you to do this by providing your workforce with specific and up to date information keeping them well-informed, motivated and focused.


3. A better training experience


Cloud analytics can provide a great insight into what’s working well for your organization and what needs to be addressed through some extra training. Considering all that’s changing and the speed at which that change can occur, having real time data and insight from your customer’s experience can bring relevance to your training and greatly enhance the experience of your customers.

4. A better customer experience


If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a phone call with a business or organization, you know how frustrating that can be. Whether it’s a confusing and unintuitive call menu, inaccurate call-routing, or more. If the reason for your call was to address a current problem, the situation gets even worse with a negative call experience.

With call analytics, you can track every aspect of your customer’s experience. You can find out what’s working well and reinforce that, and find out what’s needing improvement and promptly address that. Through these challenging times we’re in, customers are noticing who is stepping up and who isn’t and the decisions made now by organizations will greatly influence your customer’s buying decisions far into the future. The more control you have over their experience with your organization right now can greatly influence the odds of you earning and retaining their business as things begin to return to a normal state.



5. A better sense of compliance


The safety and accuracy of your customer’s data and information is always important. Knowing your organization has utilized a call analytics platform and has the ability to go back and access pertinent information can bring some peace of mind during these stressful times. Your employees and your customers are counting on your organization to remain compliant and always have a solid understanding of the way information is being handled. A call analytics platform enhances your ability to keep that information safe and secure.










These are just a few benefits of a cloud-based Call analytics platform. If your organization is ready to take that next step, fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you!