Now that many organizations have been forced to experience remote work, many are seeing the advantages it brings and are tempted to keep some of their employees working remote once everything normalizes. If this sounds like your organization, now may be the best time to consider standardizing on a cloud based unified communication system. Here are 6 reasons making this move will enhance the experience of your remote workforce.



1. Video

Video is key. If you’re anything like the average remote worker, you’ve likely experienced more video calls in the last couple of months than ever before. For pleasure, education, and productivity, video conferencing has stepped up and filled the gap in effective communication for us all. Even after employees return to a normal state, video conferencing will be here to stay and will be expected by both your employees and your clients. This makes it vital to have a standardized video solution that works for your remote employees as well as the employees in your office while giving your clients a consistent and pleasurable experience no matter the circumstance. The right cloud-based unified communication platform (paired with the right integrated hardware, of course) will provide the solution for your video needs.




2. Virtual Presence


Virtual Presence is essential. While your employees may utilize the twinning feature on your traditional phone system, that’s very limited in its advantages. Providing them with virtual presence gives them essentially every benefit of being in the office while they’re working from home. Co-workers can easily see if they’re accessible and available, clients can reach them by dialing the office (this is important for reasons listed here and more. This sets your remote employee up to not miss a beat.


3. Things just work when they need to work


Your employees can quickly participate in audio or video conferencing without time-consuming limitation or technical difficulty. Having things just work when they need to work can make all the difference and when you eliminate any technical difficulties, you introduce a more efficient and productive process and experience for both your employees and your clients.

4. Cost


It’s going to save you money! That’s a benefit that doesn’t need to be sold too hard to any business owner. Getting rid of your traditional systems means getting rid of analog expense that’s antiquated and often costly. The purchasing required for a cloud-based system is much more straightforward and inclusive which can save you money and spare you frustration.



5. It’s future proof


Your system grows as you go. What works for you now likely will not be the same as what you’ll need in the future. As your business continues to thrive and grow, the demands on your unified communication platform will evolve and when you’ve standardized on a cloud-based platform, that growth will be easy and efficient. It won’t require any major hardware to be replaced, it’ll be as simple as staying in communication with your integrator and updating them on your needs and desires.



6. You’ll have support



You’ll have the on-going support of your integration team by your side. Our team here at Vicom is staffed with the right personnel to keep you moving in the right direction. In the event that a problem arises, you’ll simply reach out to us and we’ll take care of you. That’s a peace of mind that is hard to place a value on and it comes standard with our support contracts.



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