Recently Dr. Rossi – our education specialist here at Vicom sat down for a brief conversation regarding how school leadership should be prioritizing decisions regarding their technology through the current circumstances. Dr. Rossi provides a relevant perspective as prior to becoming a technology resource for other schools, he served as a headmaster himself so he knows firsthand the responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of school leadership.



1. Assess your current distance learning experience.

The best way to know which aspects need the most attention and how they should be addressed for your school, you’ll need to first assess what’s working well and what needs improvement. Dr. Rossi suggests obtaining the opinions of not just your school faculty and technology team, but all the stakeholders including the students and parents too. Consider the distribution of an online survey that allows for anonymous participation and ask what is working well and not working so well when it comes to individual distance learning experience. The information you obtain here will be so valuable because it will work to build a roadmap for how and what needs to be addressed first.


2. Determine how to enhance instruction with Interactive Technology.

Students love to interact, especially when normal human to human interaction is limited due to the constraints of distance learning. Fortunately, there are a variety of technology solutions that can introduce that aspect of interaction back into the learning experience. Manufactures like SMART offer a variety of hardware and software solutions that can bridge the gap between classroom and remote participation. We’d love to speak with your organization in greater detail on specific solutions that would be right for your school.


3. Be prepared to address bandwidth issues, especially for students in rural areas.


Innovate technology in Education can require a relatively fast and dependable connection to the internet. Though many student households have adequate access, some students, especially in rural areas may be working limited to no internet access. These situations will require a specific plan to address and fix the issue. Here at Vicom, our data engineers can work with your school to

4. Think beyond simply teleconferencing with your video conference platform.


Video conferencing meetings are effective but your school can leverage this technology for so much more. Consider the ability to conduct class remotely in the case of a snowstorm or a student that’s stuck at home with an illness or handicap. Foreign students who may not be able to return to the states for classes due to current logistics may still be able to connect with the class through video conferencing technology. Interacting with guest speakers, enhancing dual enrollment capability and more, creative utilization of this technology can expand your abilities in many exciting



5. Right now is the best time to implement new technology.


Considering the classrooms are empty, now is likely the best time to introduce new hardware into your facility. With students working from home, work in the classrooms is available without introducing distraction or inconvenience. Taking advantage of this time now will prepare your facility to have the new technology primed and ready to go at the start of the next semester.


Ultimately, the right technology plan is dependent upon the individual needs and desires of your organization. If you’re ready to start that process, please fill out the form below and someone from our education team will be in prompt contact with you!








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