It’s not just the workplace that has become disrupted by the Coronavirus. Parents all over the country are experiencing a shift in both the schedule and dynamic of their workday as schools all over have closed their doors. In Virginia where Vicom is headquartered, it’s just been announced that schools will close for the remainder of the year which is quite significant for most parents who are still balancing their workday from home.

Education is significant for our company. We partner with a large number of schools, both k-12, and higher education to provide a variety of technology solutions to enhance a student’s ability to learn. We have multiple partners we work with to provide these solutions and one of the more well-known partners we have is SMART. SMART is known for its interactive displays but they’ve recently provided complimentary access to a full suite of learning tools that both educators and parents are able to utilize.

These digital assets can be accessed here and here. You’ll find that there is a variety of resources available for students of all ages and though these were initially designed to be used with an interactive display within the classroom, they are also able to be used at your home utilizing your personal computer.

Additionally, they’ve created free Webinars to assist in the process of learning all that these resources can provide and how to best utilize them.

We hope you find these tools from Smart to be useful in your day to day, please feel free to share this resource with other parents or educators!

Lastly, if you are a parent who is working from home while assisting in your child’s day-to-day, you likely already know how useful a consistent schedule can be. We came across this free scheduling resource by that you’ll find below.


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We wish you luck and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via the form below and we’ll be in communication with you as soon as possible!

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