“It’s had an incredible effect on the morale and our ability to attract new talent.”

Ken Taylor, the Vice President of Asset Management and Facilties at LTD recently sat down with us to talk about the technology we implemented in their new building renovation.

LTD had outgrown their office space and knew it was time for something new. “People are our greatest asset so we wanted to create an environment that was stellar for our team. We wanted to have Audio Visual, Access and Security and Wifi that was simple to use, effective and served all of our need.” After a thorough interview process, LTD awarded the AV, Security and Wireless to Vicom. “Because we did Audio Visual, Access and Security and Wifi, I worked with 3 different teams, each team had a specialist. They were easy to work with, very knowledgeable in their field, it made it simple, it was really really a successful and pleasurable project to work on.” Vicom provided an AV solution utilizing a variety of manufactures and products including an 86” Interactive UHD display by Cleartouch, a Creston control system and wireless presentation via Barco Clickshare. For security, a cloud based solution from Honeywell and an Extreme Networks solution for the Wireless access.

“We had such an amazing experience with Vicom throughout this project, we’re looking at doing other projects with them and having them assist us in other ways.”

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