Working remotely is hardly new for many employees. Long before our collective quarantine, it was normal practice to conduct business activity both in and out of the office. However, our normal routines have dramatically changed and a majority of staff now find their days beginning and ending in their home office. Naturally, that has resulted in many using their personal smartphones for the majority of their phone calls due to convenience and their desk phones left at their empty office. As their employer, how should you feel about your work-force using their personal cell phones? Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider a unified communication app both right now and into the future.


You might be setting yourself up to lose clients in the future.

While your hope is to retain your top performers, employees come and go, that’s the nature of business. If your team is using their personal phone numbers for their business calls, what happens if they leave and their clients attempt to call your company using the number they’ve used in the past to communicate with their rep? Their call to your company is now a new opportunity for whichever company your past employee is now currently a part of. The risk of losing this client becomes major and you’ve lost any chance of retention because your company was left out of the chain of communication. Using a unified communication app on your rep’s personal smartphone means their customer can call the phone for your company and while your rep can continue to use their own phone to answer that call, if they decide to part ways with your company in the future, you’ll retain that phone number and remain a vital part of that chain of communication with your valued client.



How do you monitor and coach your sales team?

Imagine a coach managing his team during a playoff game while wearing a blindfold. How effective can they possibly be? You can have a team of all-stars on your roster but if you’re blind to their call activity during this trying time of business, you’ve greatly handicapped your ability to coach their behavior. When your rep utilizes a unified communication solution on their phone, you get a much better picture of their day to day activity and this allows you to approach their techniques side by side (virtually, of course) and make the necessary adjustments to keep your team thriving and productive.


Security is important


Whether in or out of the office, your client’s information is important. They trust you’re keeping it secure. Allowing their information to rest on a personal mobile device can be reckless and when your company is liable, you need to do everything in your power to keep the communication and information of your clients safe and secured. Utilizing a unified communication app keeps that information encrypted and safe, you can trust that even if your rep loses or misplaces their phone, you didn’t lose or misplace vital information with it.


Work/Life Balance is vital


The last reason is a benefit for both the employee and the employer. Separating your work life from your personal life is essential to getting the most out of each of the two aspects of our lives. Encouraging your employees to keep their personal numbers solely for personal and their business numbers solely for business provides them with the freedom to turn off the work side when it’s time to rest. Setting up automated time intervals can aide in this process of distinguishing work-life balance and you’ll likely find that an employee who can take full advantage of personal time will be much more inclined to remain productive and take full advantage of their time on the clock!



These are just a few of the reasons why your sales team should be utilizing a unified communication platform. If you’re ready to take the next step in setting up a unified communications platform for your staff, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact!





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